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Out of the noise and rush of town, escape to the countryside and soak up the idyllic Italian life, chatting dialect with the oldies in their gardens, overlooking the Mediterranean or immerse yourself in the local forest tracks to relax and unwind.

Our 3 bedroom apartment is situated amongst Matteo's traditional family land where we grow our own fruit, berries, olive oil, vegetables, firewood, and honey. All products are grown organically (bio) following permaculture principles and guests are welcome to help themselves to whatever is in season.

On-site we have a dedicated Bike workshop, bike wash, bike storage and cellar. Thre is ample car parking and also space for large vehicles if you come in a camper or race team vehicle. Please do advise us beforehand though as the roads in Liguria are narrow and we’ll advise which way to drive.

There are two bathrooms in the apartment, complete kitchen and an outdoor terrace with the most spectacular 360 degree view over the neighbouring gardens and mountains where the MTB tracks are situated, all the way down to the sparkling Mediterranean coast.

We are situated in Lavrio, Tovo San Giacomo, 17020, Italy


 The 3 Bedroom Apartment can be booked by room at €50 per person/night, or book the Entire apartment for €200 including four guests. Additional guests at €35 per person/night. Apartment sleeps eight people.


Room 1 - King bed + single bed  -  OR - 3 x Single beds

Room 2 - King bed + single bed - OR - 3 x Single beds

Room 3 - King bed + ensuite



Gardens & Produce

Our family gardens, orchards and olives groves produce fruits such as peaches, apricots, pears, apples, plums, feijoas, avocadoes, guavas and nashis.

Our olive trees are over 100 years old and have been passed down from Matteo’s grandfather Iose who was the master gardener and caretaker of our land. The olive trees produce all of our family’s olive oil. We also maintain an extensive vegetable garden in the summer months. Please note that because we travel back and forth to New Zealand every year we don't have vegetables available year round.

We keep bees to help maintain healthy, stable bee populations in our area, and to pollinate our plants and when possible, provide us with delicious golden honey.

Nearby we have a family forest with hazelnuts and chestnuts and we actively manage it to keep our store of firewood for the winter and have a wild space for Noah to play. All of our products are grown organically (bio) following permaculture principles with the aim of restoring the land and ensuring it is vibrant and abundant for future generations.


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Hens - Bees 

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Tovo San Giacomo 17020, Italy