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The Wrench Mechanic

The Wrench Mechanic


Want to have your bike set up and suspension dialled in by the best, book a session and spend the day with Matteo Nati. While Matteo is servicing your bike you can ask questions and learn what tips and tricks the pro's use on different terrains.

Learn about suspension set ups, and how to tune yours for your riding style. Learn how to record your settings and have the opportunity to use the new Telemetry Technology to read your suspension live on track and make adjustments to get it perfect for you.

Matteo has worked on the World Cup MTB Circuit since 2013, with riders such as Dan Atherton, Jerome Clementz, Martin Maes, Wyn Masters and as of 2024, Aaron Gwin.

Gabby & Matteo have a MTB workshop and MTB Accomodation at their home in Finale Ligure where you can stay, get your bike set up and working perfectly, then hit the trails with Gabby for a lesson or book a shuttle and enjoy the insanely good riding that Finale has to offer.


*Bike servicing

*Suspension advice and set-up

*Bike set-up

*Suspension service






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