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Technical Skills Coaching

Technical Skills Coaching


• First lesson with optional bike set-up 4 - 5 hours duration €85 p/person (uplift & lunch not included)

• Second lesson with uplifts and on track analysis 8 hour duration €165 p/person (lunch not included)

• 3 Day Camp option with bike set-up, Technical Skills Coaching, on track analysis, Accomodation and bike service starting from €395 p/person (meals not included)

Lessons usually start at 9am but alternate times can be arranged.

What to expect:

The coaching session offers premium Technical Skills Training taking the rider through bike set-up, bike positioning, braking, cornering, steep descents, roots/rocks/steps, pumping and optional discussion around jumping. These techniques have been refined over 20 years of coaching all ages and abilities of mountainbikers the world over.

Regular results consist of rider changing from being the slowest in their group to the fastest - unless the whole group attends the lesson! or the most scary tracks become the rider's favourites, rider feels safe, in control and confident in all situations, hence... they can go faster.

This is a tried and true method that makes sense across ALL terrain so it's easy to remember. Rather than "do this in corners", and "do this technique on a steep chute", whereby you end up having the problem of what to do if you have a steep chute WITH a corner in it. At MTB SKILLS Finale the method or basic platform is always the same.

Problems that will be resolved;

*You feel like you need to brake, lose speed or will wash out in corners

*Experience difficulty in steep or slippery chutes/ruts

*You are scared of going over the handlebars

*Want to go faster in control or are looking to improve your race-craft

*You find slippery roots, gravel, mud, rocks scary or difficult

*Feels unpredictable whether the bike will kick or not on drops or jumps

*Why and how to pump

We look at all of the above and more, using a systematic, easy to understand method that works on all terrains.

Bring a packed lunch or we can arrange a meal at one of the local boutique restaurants.




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