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What our Customers say

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"Thanks for Saturday. Wish I had done it years ago. Loved being on a learning path again and congrats on the course. You guys have a good thing going on. Went for a ride on Sunday around local tracks and found that a real eye opener applying new techniques. I think I have been trying to muscle the bike around for years. Created a real hunger to learn more."


- Kelvin McArthur - New Zealand

Today was 10/10. My expectations were high, but the session was over the stars!! You made the hard and tough trails feel like nothing. I'm amazed by how breaking everything in to small details and just with these small adjustments I'm now experiencing a whole new type of riding, without getting tired. Everyone should book a session with you ASAP!


- Clara Langner - Sweden

Three years ago I had an accident while biking. Afterwards I was unsure when driving and had really troubles with technical trails. Gabby helped me feel safer and gave me lots of tips to be stable on the bike again. Thank you so much! Had so much fun with you! I would recommend a tour with Gabby to everyone.


- Anne Stamm-Schmidt - Switzerland